Greg Masson's power hour 27

.we flims this video in le hangar skate park in france two weeks ago

Credit: filming a.favennec and freddy chapeau edit greg masson music nada surf zen brain
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  • Gnarkill68

    4/15/2010 1:40 AM

    the music made this video boring shame because hes a good rider

  • keane_str_2112

    2/10/2010 12:10 AM

    He rides for Eastern Bikes International team, and he KILLED this power hour!

  • Smithers

    2/3/2010 2:44 AM

    ive never even heard of this guy? when are you guys going to make a fuckin harry main, mark webb, mike spinner, jeremiah smith, even dave mirra power hour!?!?! im not sayin this guys shit, it was mad, but it would be so much better if you just finally made one of those guys!!


    2/1/2010 8:28 AM

    Sweet edit Greg. Powerful Power Hour! Love the setup.

  • Animal3471

    2/1/2010 4:50 AM

    hes dickfooted. like me :D

  • källeman

    1/31/2010 2:33 PM

    Best edit i´ve seen in a while, awesome job man!

  • FlowsFast184

    1/30/2010 11:24 PM

    vital should do a power hour contest!

  • julien

    1/30/2010 10:21 AM

    old school rider

  • corndawg

    1/30/2010 10:02 AM

    That was Sick.Straight Up. Horrible music though

  • jimonbike

    1/30/2010 9:40 AM

    that was a good video i liked it , its nice to see someone else with a seat post lol i was getting lonely lol

  • fitbikebmxer

    1/30/2010 9:02 AM

    good riding, he has his own unique style, no tailwhips in the video so thats a plus

  • chanler

    1/30/2010 7:18 AM

    ok. that was stupid

  • trickdaddy6

    1/30/2010 6:22 AM

    good riding but cock footed looks so grossss

  • Base718rooklyn

    1/30/2010 5:20 AM

    that just brought me back to late 90's early 2000's, the lighting the bike set up and even the genre of music

  • wadesbmx69

    1/30/2010 3:19 AM

    thats mad as so creative

  • fabjumper

    1/29/2010 11:47 PM

    Haha, Finally, some real comments !!! frenchies sucks on soul
    nice edit

  • Rob_kp

    1/29/2010 9:22 PM

    That was real nice to watch. Nose Manual to wallride and handplant to fakie was rad.

  • jake4611

    1/29/2010 9:01 PM

    he really likes to tire tap and abubica

  • deucedeuce540

    1/29/2010 8:28 PM

    By far the best rider I have seen in years! Great job man.

  • EggNogBMX

    1/29/2010 7:19 PM

    Fuck Footed

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