Homestead featuring Dennis Enarson, Corey Walsh, and Jason Watts 4

Dennis Enarson's new backyard paradise is officially complete and he brought Jason Watts and Corey Walsh along to properly break it in. Watch this epic video courtesy of Christian Rigal and Vans!


Photos by Brandon Means /

Most importantly, how happy are you with the new ramp?

120% satisfied with it. Jason Watts absolutely murdered it with this build. 

How long did the tear down and build actually take you?

Tear down was about a month and the full build was about two-and-a-half months. There was a little break in between the tear down and the build because those were separate projects with separate people involved. 

Who did the design for the ramp?

Me and Jason sat down and talked about all of the stuff I really wanted, then we brainstormed on how we would make it work and flow together perfectly. As the build went on, some things changed. It was almost like trails - we would get finished with a section of the ramp, ride it for a bit, then decide exactly what to do next. 

What elements in this new design are you the most excited about?

It’s just never ending lines. You can go as fast as you want or just jib around. The best riders love it and people just getting into riding love it just as much. It’s perfect for everyone and that’s what I really love.

Who all took park in the build?

Jason, Corey Walsh, and Foopa Farts were the dudes who really made this thing happen. We did have a lot of help from all of the homies, though. Thank you all! You know who you are.

Seeing as how this is at your parents’ house, what do they think of the new setup?

They love it. It’s a lot more open, so they can see into it from the house and it’s way prettier on the eyes with the Skatelite and the nice, professional look Jason gave it. I also turfed the section of the yard where there are no ramps. They are loving it just as much as we are. It has an amazing vibe now. 

Did any brands directly support the ramp build?

Yes. Vans, Haro, Demolition, and Skatelite helped a ton. Thank you, guys!

The Skatelite is definitely a big upgrade from version one. Does that mean this design is here to stay for a while?

Yeah, man. It’s crazy how good that stuff feels and the difference it makes for your riding. When you fall, it’s like a giant slide. Plus, we’ve had a crazy amount of rain this winter in San Diego and I can’t believe how well this stuff is protecting the ramp. I’m hoping this ramp its around for the rest of my life. Haha!

How many days did you guys film for this video?

Three nights.

How did Corey and Jason end up in the video?

They built the ramp and - before the whole world went into lockdown - we were riding together almost every day. It all came together really naturally - the three of us going in on this together. 

Why did you decide to shoot at night?

We did the first ever MARKIT edit at my old ramps at night and that shoot was so fun. We wanted to recreate that vibe with the modern ramp and all of Christian’s new video equipment. Basically, the idea was to make the 2020 version of our last ramp edit. 

What was the vibe like during the filming of this? Was it laid back or was everyone consistently going hard?

It was a little bit of everything. At times, it was laid back like a normal session where we would move the lights and we could all try to get a clip in the same section. There were times where there were so many people over there watching, it was literally a party on the ramps. And there were intense times where it was just the four of us in the middle of the night, cold AF, trying to ride while our bodies were telling us to stop. Shout out to Christian for being a one man production crew. He killed it so hard! There were never long breaks between light set ups. And shout out to Corey and Jason for riding every night until we all literally couldn’t move anymore. 

What’s your favorite clip of Jason in the video?

Literally all of them.

What’s your favorite clip of Corey in the video?

Same. Literally call of them. The ramp is massive in person and Christian absolutely killed it documenting it, but you will never really know how crazy some of the stuff these boys did until you come ride it for yourself. 

What’s your favorite clip of yourself in the video?

The down whip at the end. Honestly my favorite ramp clip I have ever filmed. 

Is that tailwhip transfer at the end as insane as it looks?

Haha, nah. You got it!

How often have you been riding here?

Basically every day, unless I am out filming or riding street or have something else to do. But any normal chill day, that’s where you can find me.

Have the sessions been as fun as they were on the old setup?

Another level of fun. I still can’t believe how fun they are. Every time I drive home, I’m excited for the next session. 

Do you already have more ideas to get done on the ramp or does this video have you maxed out for a while?

Nah, there’s endless stuff to film on this ramp. I have another edit coming out exactly a week after this drops and me and the boys can’t wait to keep checking things off the list back here.

Can we expect a jam on this thing anytime soon?

That could be a possibility. I love throwing jams and this new yard setup is perfect for one. We will see. You know I’ll keep you posted!

Credit: Vans / Christian Rigal | Photos by Brandon Means /
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