How To Install Gyro Cables with Colony 1

While this may not appeal to a lot of you, there's still riders choosing to utilize the advantages of running a gyro. Maybe you haven't tried a gyro because you don't have the knowledge to properly install it? Colony is here to help with that.

Credit: Colony
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  • Otabmx

    4/20/2017 9:46 AM

    I'm sorry, I'm really into Colony's products and riders, but those how-tos from colony are terrible. hahaha! They're like, "to install the cables just put then in place and go"... what about how to adjust the tension on each side so the gyro works perfectly? What about giving tips about the size of the upper cables acording to the bars' rise?
    The same with the stem how to. No tips on bars positioning, or even how to tight the bolts properly! You know, tightening them in an 'X' sequence, so you don't strip any bolts and to get an even pressure on the bars so they don't move. Again, it was "place the stem here, the bars here, tight the bolts and go"...

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