Jack Mciver Edit Australia Before Braking his knee 7

Ballarat bmx rider who is riding for impurity bikes


Credit: bmx
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  • adrian sweering

    9/10/2009 1:13 PM

    song please?

  • Jack Mciver

    5/23/2009 10:42 PM

    cheers guys

  • freecoaster bmx

    5/23/2009 10:10 AM

    I meant the knee not the riding

  • freecoaster bmx

    5/23/2009 10:10 AM

    good stuff get better.

  • JVbmx

    5/23/2009 4:44 AM

    really nice riding. keep it up

  • wally bmxer

    5/22/2009 5:02 PM

    man this guy is crazy wild
    i have seen him ride and have also been taught how to whip by him
    awesome vid jack(Y)

  • alex08

    5/22/2009 2:03 PM

    that was really good. amazing edit