James Foster - Flip Opposite Whip to Double Whip Back 3

Absolutely insane.

Credit: James Foster
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  • eskimojay

    3/3/2016 8:24 PM

    Elevation man , I remember when that kid pulled the first triple tailwhip , now that dudes getting some crazy elevation

  • Drifter

    3/3/2016 7:26 PM

    reg whip to double oppo

  • TaPaKaH

    3/5/2016 1:10 PM

    Foster's "goofy" when it comes to tailwhips, so the first whip is oppo for him, then two regular whips.

    Come to think of it, could this be the hardest trick that can be done on a huge-dirtjump / megaramp type of setup?