Jeff Albert 14

YES YES I KNOW, way too many whips but these are the only clips i have..

Credit: kyle sheldon, jeff albert
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  • jeffalbert

    5/2/2008 11:22 PM

    HAATERS.... yeah but for some reason the only things i get on film are whips, w/e im just having fun on my bike, for real get off my balls

  • mitch133

    5/2/2008 4:31 PM

    to many tailwhips ok fuk u can do them after like the skatepark part i saw like 10 more cmon im sure u can do something else other than whips

  • Collin Evans

    4/27/2008 6:04 PM

    real good man, lot of shit i wish i could do in that. where was that first skatepark it looks fun

  • Jamie Girven

    4/24/2008 4:09 AM

    well said peoplethewe

  • peoplethewe

    4/23/2008 6:11 PM

    who gives a shit if hes doing tailwhips. he does them becasue he likes to do them. hes riding his bike and thats what matters. good vid by the way


    4/23/2008 4:32 PM

    oh yeah and i go to haven too im the weird kid on the pink bike haha and props for 360ing the box thats scary


    4/23/2008 4:29 PM

    haha i like tailwhips too. i always slip pedals because im not awesome, and i think anyone would agree if theyve ever landed one.

  • Kevin Colla

    4/23/2008 7:39 AM

    nice video, i love that haven park but i havent been in a while since im not at home and the weathers been too nice anyways

  • kyle_kaje_bmx

    4/22/2008 9:57 PM

    ok we get it u can do whips now learn sumthing that isn't done bye every 1

  • krisk92

    4/22/2008 7:58 PM

    forill i whip all thetime nowtht i can land them.
    feels goooooodddd

  • jeffalbert

    4/22/2008 7:20 PM

    im not trying to be like anyone .... i happen to like tailwhips so i do them...

  • bmxryder705

    4/22/2008 6:02 PM

    haven skate park! dude i rode there like once, but it was pretty sick

    nice vid

  • alek_animal92

    4/22/2008 5:04 PM

    nice..but are u trying to be like scotty...tail whip tail whip tail whip tail whip tail whip..haha..but good riding..whats the songe..oh yeah...1st!!!!

  • ChanelBMX

    4/22/2008 5:02 PM

    First, hahahahaha!