Jeremy Gullo 14

New Smyrna Beach, Florida Skatepark

Credit: me
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  • lasvegaspoolshark

    7/1/2010 11:52 AM



    6/11/2010 9:40 AM

    Say what you want about the filming, but my lens was on right, that was the sun shade on sideways. thanks

  • ericminnick10

    6/5/2010 2:37 PM

    good riding,
    but the filming was horrible,and your lense is on wrong btw.

  • Gomez

    5/4/2010 11:49 PM

    I think those were look backs. except for the turndown to fakie. just saying know your tricks, oh and its feeble 270.

    but it was a raw little edit.

  • Gymson

    11/20/2009 1:36 AM

    that camera makes you look 3ft. tall! LoL! sick feeble to 360 though...

  • bmxbethell

    9/4/2009 3:57 AM

    tht 3 turdown is crazy over tht lil spine

  • ilovebmx69

    3/11/2008 9:51 AM

    bomb vid.


    3/6/2008 11:47 AM

    the kids fuck footed. he can do everything both ways. um the song is the album leaf - vermillion thanks for the compliments

  • ReveL EOC

    3/5/2008 2:17 PM

    nice material bruh

  • Ryan_hockwald

    3/4/2008 11:04 PM

    are you fuck footed or can you spin both ways haha cause i do like the same shit as you and im fuck footed

  • billyridesadevice

    3/4/2008 12:03 PM

    any body know the song?i hard it ona pro video i think

  • bandit08

    3/3/2008 3:35 PM

    sick dude but make a longer vid

  • bandit08

    3/3/2008 3:35 PM

    sick dude but make a longer vid

  • Skellator

    3/2/2008 7:37 PM

    your turndowns are really fresh