Jim C’s Soundwave Bike Check 5

With Sunday and Odyssey being so close, I’m lucky to be able to build up one of the best bikes available today. So, when it came time to build up a my new Soundwave, I realized that I didn’t actually have to custom build the bike with Odyssey parts. Rather I could just get a Soundwave Special complete bike and ride that since it has all the parts that I would have picked anyway. By buying this bike as a complete you save $400 over piecing it together part by part. Check after the break to see a full parts list and some more photos of the Soundwave Special.

Credit: Sunday
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  • jham

    12/22/2012 6:53 PM

    just realized this is soooo a marketing campain for sunday!! wow pretty lame

  • Otabmx

    12/20/2012 10:57 PM

    yeah! black bikes are back!

  • Roqfan

    12/20/2012 7:40 PM

    That's a lie he'd be running a MDS sprocket for sure

  • jham

    12/20/2012 4:37 PM

    that fact that its a legit complete just kinda kills it for me im instantly turned off

  • Eddy D

    12/20/2012 3:54 PM

    Cool bike. I'd ride it as is.

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