Josh Crosswell - Oppo bar to regular triple 6

JOSH CROSSWELL one clip ghetto shed
opo bar to tripple bar over jump box at #GS

Credit: Josh Crosswell
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  • Dale08

    9/18/2012 9:17 PM

    i have seen logan martin do this as well

  • cardambass

    9/18/2012 5:06 PM

    my god, thats madness!

  • d-_-b j o s e d-_-b

    9/18/2012 2:49 PM

    Oh God O_O

  • bmxdaddy3

    9/18/2012 2:27 PM

    I could do that on my tramp bike lol dah fuck is wrong with these kids. Some ronnie caulk type shit.

  • mr.barspin

    9/18/2012 2:12 PM

    o__o ... its always the riders iv'e never even heard of before that always pull off the sickest tricks in the history of bmx riding

  • Marc-antoine_Landry

    9/18/2012 1:56 PM

    what da fuckkk so clean