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Josh Harrington's been a bit injured lately and still managed some banging clips in this web video for Premium Products. Take a look into Josh's life and watch him shred!

Credit: Tony Ennis / Premium Products

kylecarlson kylecarlson 10/8/2009 10:39 AM

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great video, josh is awesome, such a good rider but an even better person
a true role model thats for sure
sucks bout all the injuries too, that hangover crash clip was epic, hope ya stay healthy from here on in
cant wait for still searching to come out!!!

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JOsh rules! This is why I have looked up to Josh for so many years, and still do today. His riding is un-duplicate-able. His attitude in life combined with his skills on the bike make him the ultimate package. I admire how much Haley means to you and how much you mean to Haley and the rest of your family and friends. Josh, you are a true role model of our sport as you are to all the other people you know and encounter. Josh Rules!!! That's what's up!..... 1809 Represent!

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oh man i forgot how much i enjoy watching him ride. last trick was awesome. worst obstacle to do that on, the noise made landing the ice was awesome!

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