Kelly Bolton double flair to coping head-butt! 22

This is one of the most gnarly crashes I have ever seen in BMX!!! And I got the pleasure to see and video tape it first hand! Kelly Bolton CAN NOT get hurt!

Credit: meguyonbike
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  • GemWolf

    4/17/2010 8:26 AM

    Daaaamn Dat Niggaz Got Some Nuts!!

  • S.Anthony

    4/17/2010 6:29 AM

    WOW... kelly bolton is effing awesome !!lol

  • chris whyte

    4/16/2010 7:30 AM

    thats so lucky he didnt get hert

  • hawaiian_george

    4/15/2010 2:44 AM

    double flips anywhere is nuts! dudes tough!

  • knox360

    4/14/2010 7:11 PM

    i would sell my bike then stay on my couch for the rest of my life if that happend to me

  • Kelly Bolton

    4/14/2010 2:00 PM

    Fuckin love you josh!!

  • dead sailor

    4/14/2010 11:18 AM

    i think yer neat kelly

  • bmx ryan

    4/14/2010 9:49 AM


  • ToM Sir

    4/14/2010 8:45 AM

    So crazy!!!

  • Josh Perry

    4/14/2010 7:37 AM

    it will happen one day!!!! just needs a good set up. i see him do em in foam dialed!!!!!

  • Lanky Nathan

    4/14/2010 4:08 AM

    what the hell... that man is indestructable


    4/13/2010 10:22 PM

    fuck, it does look possible... but people dont need to be doing this trick !!! :-(

  • jimonbike

    4/13/2010 7:12 PM

    it looked like he got his sholder

  • BradSecor

    4/13/2010 6:59 PM

    Fuck yeah kelly!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Smithers

    4/13/2010 6:13 PM

    hahah thats awesome, he seems like the maddest guy!

  • Marchak

    4/13/2010 5:44 PM


  • TJ.dougherty

    4/13/2010 5:26 PM

    if he was not wearing that helmet i dont think he would be alive

  • Glen Purdy

    4/13/2010 5:15 PM

    lol haha thank god he didnt get hurt

  • Np

    4/13/2010 4:07 PM

    Ahh thank god for helemts

  • scooterdon

    4/13/2010 3:00 PM

    just a hair more pull out and that would been money

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