Lil Sean 20

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  • getskyhigh

    8/1/2009 12:09 AM

    whats the song?

  • Ryan Robinson

    7/29/2009 12:13 PM

    BIke looks a little big for him?

  • Dialed BMX Co.

    7/28/2009 7:02 PM

    good rider but there are even more insane young riders in aust. got potetial though, beauty of being young, plenty of time for improvement.


    7/28/2009 3:57 PM


  • nickydbmx13

    7/21/2009 5:46 PM

    hes a dick in rel life he sucks and is a little brat

  • BigBarBmx

    7/13/2009 10:14 AM

    garrett bowers
    i don't see you doing those tricks ,
    and i deff saw a hang 5 and some sweet ice picks and nice combos

  • AlexHaszard

    7/12/2009 5:22 PM


  • rasta masta

    7/11/2009 11:59 AM

    (Add your own)

  • Benfit4life

    7/11/2009 9:12 AM

    holy fuck...

  • garrett bowers

    7/11/2009 3:13 AM

    tailwhips tucks and bars thats it.

  • BradSecor

    7/10/2009 11:25 PM

    what is the song

  • BradSecor

    7/10/2009 11:24 PM

    that looks like garretts bike good vid

  • stndard250s

    7/10/2009 3:59 PM

    wait till him an chad kerely get older an go againts each other

  • NewJersey's finest riders

    7/9/2009 11:51 PM

    this kid is from new jersey i rode with him once he used to ride an 18 inch i guess he stepped it up.

  • adonis

    7/9/2009 11:38 PM

    yeah he just looks tiny all together..i respect this kid and cant wait to see
    what he comes up with in the future....

  • weedisfunforfags

    7/9/2009 7:30 PM

    his whole bike looks too big for him

  • BigBarBmx

    7/9/2009 4:49 PM

    his tucks look amazing too

  • BigBarBmx

    7/9/2009 4:47 PM

    his bars look so big on him,
    lol he's dailed tho, i agree with the peeps above me,
    keep up the shredding duddee

  • J0nathan

    7/9/2009 4:42 PM

    i love to see young guys shred
    and he is so good!

  • fitrider08

    7/9/2009 3:34 PM

    he is the msot insane young rider ive ever seen

    how old is he??

    amazing vid but wasnt some of that on here before??