Mat Hoffman vert session 03/2010 12

small vert session with Mat. 1st 540 in 925 days!!

Credit: Hoffman Bikes
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  • malatesta

    4/12/2010 12:25 PM

    I love when Mat does something like this. It basically just says "Fuck You" to the doctors that said he would never ride again. Mat is and always will be the man!

  • HarryNashBmx

    4/7/2010 3:59 AM

    still got it all

  • MarcusV

    4/6/2010 1:30 PM

    He's a condor who flies like an eagle... Hail Matt Hoffman, THE MAN!

  • joelalamo45

    4/6/2010 10:02 AM

    yeah... byers... what you got???

  • mini mirra

    4/6/2010 6:46 AM

    sick sick sick sick sick sick sick sick sick sick sick sick

  • dave lawrence

    4/6/2010 6:45 AM

    He got into a nasty car accident which left his right shoulder completely hosed. Mat, you are amazing. Keep shredding, and congrats on the 1st 540 in roughly 3 years!!!!

  • clicked123

    4/6/2010 12:06 AM

    what happen? did he quit riding or something

  • small town bmx

    4/5/2010 7:58 PM

    so dope....

  • Lanky Nathan

    4/5/2010 6:54 PM

    Wow... man even after all these years and all those injuries... he's still got it =D That man is a legend

  • scooterdon

    4/5/2010 6:53 PM

    alright byers......your turn ....stepUP!

  • jimonbike

    4/5/2010 6:40 PM

    true inspiration , i stated riding after i saw a news story about matt when i was a kid

  • Eric Hough

    4/5/2010 6:11 PM


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