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If you look closely at Matthias Dandois' recent coverage, there's the unfathomable and innovative riding we've come to expect from him. However, you might have noticed he's been incorporating street into his riding more and more. In this video for Haro, Matthias teams up with Christian Rigal in Paris, France and San Diego, California to create his best work yet - combining ridiculous flatland skills with impressive technical street riding. Watch the video and then read below to learn more about the project straight from the man himself -

What are you up to?

Hey! I just boarded a flight from Denver to Atlanta. I'm going back home to Paris after a crazy weekend riding at the FISE World Series in Colorado.

You’re fresh off from winning the flatland event at FISE: Denver. Congrats! How does it feel?

Yeah, I’m super stoked on it! The event was amazing. I love to ride contests. It motivates me to learn new tricks. I'm very happy I was able to put it together this time and take the win.

You’ve been on Haro for a while now, since March of 2013 to be exact. What’s been your favorite part about it?

My favorite part about being on Haro is definitely the team. It has that family feeling that is just so incredible. Colin MacKay put together a team of good friends that are all about riding their bikes and having fun. It's always a blast going on trip with these guys. The products are top quality as well!

Anything new about your current signature Haro La Bastille frame we should know about? What about any additional parts in the works?

It's a true honor to have a signature frame with Haro! They gave me this opportunity two years ago and I still can't believe it's real. There are no plans of major changes happening with the frame geometry because it's working super well right now. My bike feels amazing. My La Bastille signature forks are available now! They have a15mm offset and flattened dropout to make it suitable for flat and street. The team is also working on a big project for 2017, but this I cannot tell you about! Shhhhhhhh. haha

Photo by Colin MacKay.

Alright, let’s dig into this amazing video. You rode some incredible spots in Paris and San Diego I would love to session. Can you tell us a little about the concept of this project?

The concept of the video was to go from Paris to San Diego. I grew up in Paris and Haro is from San Diego, so it only made sense that we filmed in Paris and in the San Diego area.

What's it like riding in San Diego compared to Paris?

The huge difference is the weather. When you are in California, you don't have to worry about if you’re going to be able to ride or not because of bad weather. It's a bit more stressful for me to film in America though because if I get injured, it would be a nightmare with the hospital paperwork. Same goes for if I was to get arrested while riding in the US. That would make it difficult for me to make it through immigration the next time I wanted to travel to the US. Everything went fine though. No broken bones or annoying cops this time! haha

What was it like filming with Christian Rigal for this project?

It was so much fun! Christian is the man. I’ve known him for a long time now. He's definitely one of my favorite humans on this planet! He’s always down to ride or do something fun. Not to mention, he knows what he’s doing behind the camera. He makes me look way better than I actually do! Haha

Photo by Joey Cobbs.

How long did it take to complete?

We filmed for a week in Paris and 10 days in San Diego.

We’re seeing more and more street riding coming from you. It’s evident in this video. Can you tell us a little bit about that?

I find street riding really interesting. I wish I was better at it! Haha Honestly, it’s a huge breath of fresh air for me. It opens so many doors. I have been riding flatland for 15 years. Plus, I compete all year long. I’m not saying that I'm getting bored of riding flatland at all. Street riding just makes me love BMX even more! I try to put the flatland tricks I can do on street setups and keep it fun, ya know? I think modern street riding has a lot to do with flatland. When I see Devon Smillie or Chad Kerley ride for example, they have crazy flatland skills! They could easily make finals at a pro flatland contest if they wanted to.

When it comes to street riding, who or what are some of your influences?

My favorite street rider is - without a doubt - Dennis Enarson. He is so much fun to watch ride. But, I'm honestly inspired by anyone who's doing their own thing!

Photo by Joey Cobbs.

You throw down a lot of extremely technical lines in this, which I really enjoyed seeing. What took the longest to get done?

Thanks a lot! Time wise, I think what took the longest was the last flatland line with the bike flip at the end. Christian filmed it on a skateboard and he had to get a lot of speed in order to circle around me to meet at the end of the line. I had a really hard time pulling it, but it all worked out in the end. As always, Christian made it look so good! We went for a victory beer after that one. haha

Does the thought of having a filmer sit and film you work on a trick that’s taking longer than expected effect you at all?

Oh, definitely. I’m the kind of rider that loses it when you point a camera at me. haha It's good to film with Christian because he already knows it can take me a while to get a clip. I don't even know why he still wants to film projects with me! Haha I feel bad for the filmers sometimes and it makes me even more frustrated of not pulling my trick. I love to work on video projects though. It’s a great feeling when the video is done and you see the result.

What do you have planned for the rest of 2016?

I'm going to FISE World Series in Edmonton next week. After that is Malaysia for another big contest. Then I’m I have three more trips to Japan, New York and China. I'll rest when I’m dead. haha.

Photo by Joey Cobbs.

Any last words of advice you’d like to say for the viewers?

I want to say a big thanks to everyone at Haro for giving me the opportunity to work on dope projects like this. You guys are the best! And to the viewers, thanks for watching the video! Remember to always have fun on your bike and don't be too serious about it. It's just a small bicycle!

Credit: Haro / Christian Rigal
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