Matthias Dandois new BMX style: Street-Flat 4

Winter in France is always tough for the riders. To avoid spending the cold season on his sofa, flat BMX world champion Matthias Dandois found himself a nice little hangar full of jumps and springboards in the outskirts of Paris. Away from the cold weather, he was able to learn new tricks and develop a new style : street-flat. With his latest video Hibernation, Matthias once again demonstrates his passion for innovation.

Credit: redbull
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  • Roqfan

    6/12/2012 2:52 PM

    Too. Amazing.

  • t1barcode

    6/12/2012 9:07 AM

    Matthias must be some cyborg ninja witch from the future or something. Seriously watch.

  • Eddy D

    6/12/2012 1:19 AM

    Awesome skills!

  • Eddy D

    6/12/2012 1:19 AM