Mega Dub Flip 23

was getting ready for X Games earlier this year and didn't get the chance to fire it out from messing up a few of my runs. maybe next time.

Credit: Will Stroud
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  • adamtgarrison

    1/5/2010 3:30 PM


  • bighair

    12/5/2009 5:56 AM

    All the same that is rad:D

  • bighair

    12/5/2009 5:56 AM

    No wonder X-games never went to plan for him with a bike as ugly as that


    12/3/2009 9:10 AM

    Someone jacked my vital account. Changing the password now.

  • dave lawrence

    12/3/2009 8:23 AM



    12/3/2009 7:05 AM

    Whats bum

  • keane_str_2112

    12/3/2009 7:03 AM

    Always setting the bar!

  • Lanky Nathan

    12/3/2009 3:13 AM

    wooooooow that was huge!!! and so tucked too 0.o

  • Smithers

    12/3/2009 3:13 AM

    thats fair hectic
    bahahahahhahah PAparkRAT!! its true but. but still, thats pretty nucking futs!! :D

  • revilo

    12/3/2009 3:08 AM

    old ffs

  • mfreestyle_2000

    12/3/2009 2:02 AM


    so good!

  • bmxchris256

    12/2/2009 9:20 PM

    Patric sj- i saw that crash it was pretty bad but yeah keggy killes vert and has a sick style

  • Patrick SJ

    12/2/2009 8:32 PM

    Does anyone else remember Chad breaking his neck on this trick 6 years ago at Gravity Games? That marked his beginnings as one of the most dominant vert riders in the game. I'm glad to see he's got double flips dialed enough now.

  • kinkbmx525

    12/2/2009 6:30 PM

    mad clean

  • PAparkRAT

    12/2/2009 6:01 PM

    Nice, but Napolitans shitting on that already
    (dub front)

  • RedEndo

    12/2/2009 5:42 PM

    AMAZING! Woodward.

  • flo for sho

    12/2/2009 4:51 PM

    that was clean.

    but Double Front > Double back

  • jordan hughson va

    12/2/2009 4:26 PM

    this was cool

  • foxrider18

    12/2/2009 4:08 PM

    pretty sick, I don't remember which other site i saw this clip though.

  • RideBMX7587

    12/2/2009 3:59 PM

    damn. ive jumped that resi before and just jumping it scared the shit outta me. thats nutss