Morgan Long Bike Check / Polished Parts 10

Morgan Long recently got back into the rhythm of things after being off the bike for a few months since breaking his leg. It only made sense to give him a fresh start with a whole new build featuring our components now featured in polished as well as a sneak peak at some upcoming parts. All the shown polished parts will be available come September from your local dealer. Check for updates.

Credit: Stolen BMX
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  • Corey_Padilla

    7/19/2011 8:05 PM

    SICKKK STUFF GUYS tell kareem to do a bike check or a new edit please lol

  • Paul@Stln

    7/13/2011 8:52 PM

    the single somewhat close view of our cassette hub from behind the large guard does portray the hub quite well. it definitely is an anodized black female hub so i can understand how you see it as being similar. we should have more details and much better representation of the hub later this year. thanks

  • Wolfen

    7/13/2011 8:31 PM

    G sport ratchet rip off big time.

  • HAROF2

    7/13/2011 7:16 PM

    28 width*i ride em no probs.

  • HAROF2

    7/13/2011 7:14 PM

    ayy good parts,i like there stolen cell 8.25 bars 28.5 width

  • smsmitty

    7/13/2011 5:35 PM

    stolen is really stepping their game up deff in the past 2 years

  • kylecarlson

    7/13/2011 2:46 PM

    A time lapse of a rider building a bike isn't original in any way - and I'm sure Stolen isn't trying to claim that. I've shot bike build time lapses and I'm willing to bet at least 50% of BMX filmers would say the same. It's a simple, cool way to check out all of the parts that Morgan (or any other rider) is riding.

    Also, Morgan Long is the man!

  • Paul@Stln

    7/13/2011 2:40 PM

    hubs are very different actually, thanks for noticing though.
    this isn't our first time lapse bike build;

  • ihatepurplebikes

    7/13/2011 2:28 PM

    cough rip off gsport hubs cough

  • ihatepurplebikes

    7/13/2011 2:28 PM

    they ripped off the eric L/ odyssey thing where it shows him putting his bike together

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