Mundas Hooligans 13

little edit just for shits and giggles

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franko07's videos

  • ProFiLes

    1/25/2009 10:45 AM

    nice vid i liked the ghetto foampitt

  • pabl0bmx

    1/4/2009 2:47 PM


  • bmxgreg55

    1/4/2009 1:32 PM

    flairs arnt hard if u no what ur doin

  • jake demuth

    1/3/2009 12:21 AM


  • franko07

    1/2/2009 1:13 AM

    umm they can be, the ones into tht ghetto pit were probably the worst ones ive done im not sure why i left them in the video, but fly out flairs to tailtaps i think are easier compared to ones where you land back into the quarter, but i think its all personal preference, but i strongly suggest you try them into a pit or sumthing first because the bike acts very unpredictably when u start trying to go off axis...

  • milou

    1/1/2009 11:49 PM

    are flais hard? I am think about putting hella pads, full face helmet and bringing a old matresse at the park for trying?

  • franko07

    1/1/2009 7:31 PM

    yeh all the parks are in perth especially up in the hills and in mandurah...

  • tibug

    1/1/2009 5:09 PM

    Dude what the fuck....i was just listening to hilltop hoods...recapturing the vibe...i paused it to play this movie and I was like what the's still playing...

    Sick video....gots stylllllle@@@!!!

  • thatbmxkidrides

    1/1/2009 4:11 PM

    yeh they in W.A i no the first one is bayswater not sure bout the others tho
    good riden

  • chrisbarness22

    1/1/2009 1:56 PM

    These all look like Aussie parks.

  • TenaciousJD

    1/1/2009 1:26 PM

    yep agree -safety first- but great video especially the flairs

  • mikepayne

    1/1/2009 12:21 PM

    this cool guy must have a head of steel to ride helmetless

  • Fish

    1/1/2009 8:48 AM

    that waz a sick video...make another one