My 10yr old brother Andrew. 14

I got my brother into riding about two weeks ago and decided to film his progress over the weekend. He might not shred as hard as other kids his age but he has fun with it.

Credit: KIRK and a GS320 that Larry Alvarado taught me how to operate. I lie to you not.
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  • dorkturns4ever

    2/2/2008 5:27 PM

    hell yeah whoever left the bike in his way needs a timeout lol no just playin it is cool to see young kids gettin busy on bmx cheers with koolaid

  • Lou Dogg

    1/19/2008 9:26 PM

    hey little man keep riding you are doing good .

  • kjm

    12/20/2007 4:04 AM

    he need mirraco projeci 18 then he will be sick rider

  • bmxphilozofer

    12/17/2007 6:39 AM

    nice funny!!!

  • bmxphilozofer

    12/17/2007 6:39 AM

    nice funny!!!

  • kuwahara2

    12/16/2007 11:22 AM

    dam nice stash, dad!

  • kuwahara2

    12/16/2007 11:22 AM

    dam nice stash, dad!

  • foxrider18

    12/14/2007 9:43 AM

    pretty good, I am surprised how well that bike holds up with those drops.

  • bmxdude4493

    12/13/2007 8:28 AM

    nice dude get him a better bike and he'll be sick nasty. like me when i was 10

  • bmxchris256

    12/12/2007 6:31 AM

    hes beter than one of my friends and hes 13 and ben riding for 4 years

  • danger

    12/12/2007 6:19 AM


  • DatboyCel

    12/11/2007 10:31 AM

    funny but great vid

  • RyanFelt

    12/10/2007 10:19 AM

    Gnar dude, the only thing I can't do yet in this vid is the 4 stair, like i've never really tried it but i'm getting a felt bike for x-mas and i have a mongoose pro custom bike but its not really for racing, and I can do wheelies longer.. but Hope he gets better in the future, he owns.

  • Reviajbmx

    12/10/2007 7:48 AM

    wao your brother is great he have talent i like the video keep riding i see you in the xgames