My first 180 to fakie 7

A short dodgy clip of my first time doing a 180, was done i think bout a year ago or sumfing

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  • bmxprotegy

    5/13/2010 6:03 PM

    dude really just leave the kid alone it took me 2 weeks to get what he did

  • sal69

    9/8/2008 5:25 PM

    so what if hes an indian giver he just excited that he finally got is first 180 u prolly were too so stop givin the kid crap bmxers are supossed to support eachother

    nice 180 tho dude

  • wadesbmx69

    9/4/2008 11:31 PM


  • neandres

    9/2/2008 10:01 AM

    HHAAAAAA INDIAN GIVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Frecoasternig

    9/1/2008 4:25 PM

    i have seen some pros on Season Bikes do indian givers

    i dont do them but people should stop saying crap.

    exspecily harobiker720 HE HAS A 1 PIECE CRANK!!

  • harobiker720

    9/1/2008 8:09 AM

    indian giver

  • lewlew

    9/1/2008 5:24 AM

    fakie out the right way tho keep it up