Nigel Sylvester's Bike Company...

There was a lot of speculation about Nigel's next move bike-wise after he parted ways with Mirraco and we finally have some confirmation. Nigel has teamed up with music superstar Pharrell Williams to release complete BMX bikes under the Brooklyn Machine Works banner. As only Nigel could do, he made this public at MTV's Video Music Awards. Here's a statement from Ralph Sinisi, the man behind Animal, about everything that is going on - "Nigel Sylvester announced in his usual style last night about the bike company he is starting with Pharrell. It is going to be Brooklyn Machine Works complete BMX bikes. Watch the video above to see how he rolled in last night live on MTV at the VMA’s red carpet with the whole crew including Rone, Ralphy, Oba, Marlon, and Hoder just to name a few. Of course, Nigel will continue to be one of our main team riders and run all our products with his frames. The Brooklyn completes will also feature components from Animal. Look for those at bicycle shops in the near future. Everyone knows Nigel has big plans and this is just a preview of what to expect." We'll keep you posted as more info on Nigel's new gig becomes available.

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