Old edit 10

an old edit of when i was 14... Bout a year and a half old.

Credit: friends
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  • kinkbmx93

    6/5/2008 6:38 PM

    dude sunday then that means hes better than u if he can do a trick that u cant duh!!!!!! sorry for being mean i just fuckin hate you

  • sundaybmxRR

    5/22/2008 9:08 PM

    i like how you say i fucking suck and your better than me, i can do everything you just did in this video and more, except for the backflip and turndown

  • peoplethewe

    5/21/2008 9:03 PM

    damn! im 13 and im pretty good but if you were 14 in that vid i feel like a damn retard. good vid, id like to see your riding now

  • MCDS Gang

    5/21/2008 11:15 AM

    Interesting video! good riding keep it up

  • JuLiUzZz

    5/19/2008 12:41 PM


  • berky256

    5/18/2008 11:01 AM

    thats sick ridin for being 14
    put a vid of u now ur prolky a hell of alot better

  • khaki1

    5/18/2008 2:34 AM


  • callebmx

    5/18/2008 1:11 AM

    ..nice vid.

  • zack16skies

    5/18/2008 12:02 AM

    it was like 14-15... and sorry if i dont match your thought of what a 14 year old would look like. and if your talkin bout the dude in the beginning thats not me, thats my 20 year old friend

  • iBike

    5/17/2008 10:23 PM

    you dont look 14

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