Check out Jon Peacy doing his thing, the steeze is undeniable.

Credit: Cult Crew
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  • jimonbike

    1/16/2010 9:42 PM

    ya man show those young guys whats up lol sweet edit

  • I go by Lo Fi

    1/16/2010 2:43 AM

    They played the doors because unlike 90% of the edits on here they put music that goes with the riding, and doesn't make me laugh in disbelief then mute the shit.

  • Toronto

    1/15/2010 8:18 AM


  • Pedalbiker

    1/15/2010 5:53 AM

    They're trying to say they're sick of niggrap.

  • GinoFacio

    1/14/2010 10:24 PM

    makes me think of the gonz from back in the day.

  • trenton4x

    1/14/2010 5:13 PM

    greast style. and damn cult's startin off wit some dope edits

  • A23

    1/14/2010 3:09 PM

    i agree with you j-me. there video intros are wierd as helll also

  • j-me

    1/14/2010 1:55 PM

    is cult trying to get some kind of image across?
    cause all there videos have like some oldies rock son
    or some hard core rock song?

  • mfreestyle_2000

    1/14/2010 12:28 PM

    Awesome video. IS that the same guy that broke his leg at x games. I was so scared to ride aftering watching that.

  • Over 30 and still riding

    1/14/2010 10:58 AM

    Pretty good for being almost 40!!!!!!!!!!

  • chiel-bmx

    1/14/2010 8:42 AM

    great style!

  • Taylorbmxer

    1/14/2010 8:21 AM


  • Matt Smith

    1/14/2010 8:21 AM

    did that actually just happen hah