Parking Lot 7


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Tykrane's videos

  • ColonyRider13

    11/26/2007 5:12 AM

    Good starting out keep goin.

  • SeatSurfer

    10/29/2007 4:03 AM

    thats so racist nd strait up wrong to say bout any1 no matter how bad they are.

  • jChampy

    10/26/2007 8:06 AM

    hey be nice dude

    he is just startin out

    give him props for puttin a movie out there and knowin he is gonna look basic

    you were a noobie once too

  • CamDeans2

    10/11/2007 8:10 AM

    Why would you say that about someone

  • goose

    10/10/2007 12:16 PM


    well you're a dick aren't you

  • I Hate Emos

    10/10/2007 6:29 AM

    You Suck I could do that with my eyes closed. You trying to bmx is like a black man applying for credit.

  • Jacob Big

    10/9/2007 11:55 PM

    starting out.....keep it up!