Proper - Quest Two - Jamie Guile

Following on from Mike Millers awesome Quest video is Jamie Guile. Jamie searched across London for unique spots and boy did he find some. most of these spots look like they are straight out of a computer game. "Filmed and Edit by Toby Goodyear Shot in London, Paris, Amsterdam, Lyon, Annecy and Dunkirk This year we decided to take a different approach to filming edits. Miller (see previous edit) wasn’t that bothered about the contest scene and Jamie was never into it. We decided to visit some lesser known (or unknown) spots over the course of the Summer and rather than producing an edit for each trip, we’d have clips for each rider to do as they pleased. Mike and Jamie kept on filming. What Jamie produced may not be the newest, craziest tricks, but it’s an honest reflection of the adventures we had and he's used some of London's most unique spots. London has way more bank spots than rail spots so no-one should be surprised Jamie has a different selection of tricks than an NYC edit. Neither should you compare this to an California or Barcelona edit. London is tough going. Marie Queenie Lyons - See And Don't See Additional clips by Sam Barrow."

Credit: Proper
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