Ricky Catanzariti - Skatepark Clips

Colony flow rider Ricky Catanzariti has been doing a bunch of filming for an upcoming mixtape but has ended up with loads of extras. Peep some of those extra clips here which include a bunch of crazy hang 5 and crank flip lines. The crank flip to crank arm grind was pretty dope. -LorenzoGallegos/VitalBMX

been filming for a mixtape with the guys but i have to many clips so thought i would thin them out a bit by putting some in here.
pretty much 3 minutes of hang fives and crankflips its what i like to do so i do it a lot, there's a few chainless clips in here as well because i snapped a couple teeth on my sprocket and i was messing around with crankflips and front crankflips? don't know what there called and then i started trying crankflip to forward crankflip but they ended up turning into half a crankflip to double forward crankflip and after a few tries my foot started hurting from kicking it back forward so i wrapped a spare shirt around it and taped it up haha.
grumpy Tim isn't usually smiling that's why i wanted to highlight it in this video he is usually grumpy hence the name 'grumpy Tim'
Credit: Ricky Catanzariti
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