Roulette Productions 4

Riding in Fayetteville NC and FlowMoore Skatepark

Credit: austindanielbriantimkenley
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  • xsundaywavex

    10/28/2008 12:21 PM

    okay this isnt vitalintegra....jk i like integras too but looks like a fun park to session small tho but dif

  • HAROF2

    10/28/2008 5:16 AM

    im thinking LS v-tec thats what most regular integras come with but he should get a turbo with that

  • lewlew

    10/28/2008 3:29 AM

    yeh what engine those cars are sweet

  • HAROF2

    10/27/2008 7:15 PM

    nice acura integra wat engine b16 v-tec,b18 v-tec,b20 v-tec,b22 v-tec,or LS v-tec