Salvation Bike co 11

bmx biking we ride almost everything tell me what u think we have pretty much only been riding for a couple months

Credit: what do u think
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RandyJimenez's videos

  • kinkbiker

    6/3/2008 2:20 PM

    big white is bad ass

  • RandyJimenez

    6/2/2008 10:33 PM

    big white is the man fun kid to bike with we need to get more of him

  • RandyJimenez

    6/2/2008 10:32 PM

    is a sweet park *

  • RandyJimenez

    6/2/2008 10:31 PM

    yea oakley is w sweet park i can stay there for hours and not get bored

  • tayalor

    6/1/2008 10:58 PM

    Layton is the best park in Utah.. the only thing to amount to it is Park CIty.. but no bikes are allowed.. LAYTON FO EVER..

  • freecoaster bmx

    6/1/2008 6:54 PM

    i love the oakley park and i wanna come ride. anyone watching this park is killer and totally worth the drive to oakley, ut. it's as good as layton. very quiet!

  • bmxride479

    6/1/2008 3:56 PM

    big dude is good

  • lil lucky lee!

    6/1/2008 11:47 AM

    respect to da big kid

  • ginobmx1

    6/1/2008 7:54 AM

    props to the big kid

  • 123don456

    6/1/2008 6:37 AM

    so true man

  • millerky

    5/31/2008 10:17 AM

    big white is the man