Self filmed session in Vienna 5

Rider: Benjamin Dauce (17)
Riding in austria!
And sorry for the bad quality
But i hope you will like my video...

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  • bmxchris256

    7/31/2008 10:28 PM

    nice haha yeah peoplethewe is right i know a kid at my local skatepark that has a free coaster and cant even fakie

  • peoplethewe

    7/31/2008 2:58 PM

    killer! i like that you have a f/c and you use it good, i know people that dont use it they just have it

  • Terribleone024

    7/31/2008 9:30 AM

    That was fucking sick dude.....awesome style....

  • easymoney66

    7/31/2008 9:10 AM


  • dirtfield_52

    7/31/2008 8:59 AM

    very niceeeeeeee , you got some ballzzz