Slopecycle back flips 7

Slopecycle team & Travis Pastrana...simply BMX on the snow

Credit: Team SC, TP, Nitro Circus,slopefx
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  • goridebrakeless

    3/14/2008 1:07 PM

    THAT IS NOT BMX!!! this site is called Vital "BMX", not homo snow crap

  • garrettvanh

    3/13/2008 7:36 PM

    Ok, seriously? I like everything about BMX. I even like to see these young kids posting a video of their first bunny hop. But these two guys are beyond fruity. I thought maybe people would have learned from Fuzzy. AND are they doing Beat Box for this gay commercial? They are sharing a Slopecycle at one point! It was creepy when Batman and Robin shared a rope and it’s still not cool on a Slopecycle, Homos.

  • Dylan

    3/13/2008 12:23 PM

    They dont let those in many mountains. thats the only bad thing

  • ilovebmx69

    3/12/2008 9:32 PM

    god i want one of those... make life so much more interesting around here in the winter...

  • FitBikes0

    3/12/2008 7:11 PM

    put some slams on that baby and you're set!

  • FitBikes0

    3/12/2008 7:10 PM

    thats freakin sick i dont know what your'e talkin about!

  • demolitionbiz81

    3/12/2008 5:25 PM

    thats retarded.. its BMX.. you know BIKES!