South korea BMX riders 12

I'm come from south korea.(3weeks ago) for learning english (for fluently) Let me introduce my friends. And I wanna be talking to everyone that South korean also ride BMX. (But, Last person come from taiwan)

Credit: woosub lee
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  • zubair.anam.7

    6/24/2012 2:29 PM

    Urgently required pro bmx riders from Korea for an international x game to be held in India.
    interested riders can contact me at :-

    Thank you.

  • chadonabike

    5/13/2010 4:19 PM

    The crowd didn't care. BMX is still fairly new to Korea. There have only been a handful of riders in the entire country until about 6 years ago. The first guy is actually pretty good, gets flow from Nike 6.0.

  • harobiker720

    8/12/2008 7:37 AM

    sick gay song tho

  • GulliBMX

    8/12/2008 6:51 AM

    Good video but I would be scared if I jumped on the spine they are huge :D

  • lewlew

    8/11/2008 3:35 PM

    the ramps are well big
    but the biger the beter

  • yellowvane

    8/11/2008 9:38 AM


    I just choose that song has good rhythm.

    Actually, I've been live different curture.

    I don't know this song what mean.(lyrics.. I don't like your girl friend.)

    Next time I'll concern about that.

  • JuLiUzZz

    8/11/2008 9:29 AM

    nice riding but the song was fucking gay

  • loooooooooookBACK

    8/11/2008 7:49 AM

    i think the first dude and the last were the best but the firt dude went bigger on the quater. the last dude was about the 360s

  • bmxer_jake

    8/11/2008 7:47 AM

    last guy = finaly sum1 clearing the box with a 3

  • billyridesadevice

    8/11/2008 6:21 AM

    wat do u mean they sucked the were doin flips trucks and 360 whips pretty good ifu ask me

  • lineryder

    8/11/2008 5:04 AM

    I feel so bad for that crowd, everyone sucked except the last dude

  • a Justin

    8/11/2008 2:52 AM

    haha nice sony haha nice park

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