Spring break Teaser 8

lil thing i threw togeather...i know we suck..DONT HATE

Credit: Peyton Wilson
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easymoney66's videos

  • nick rocks casselberry

    4/9/2010 7:15 PM

    damn im tired of you dicks criticizing new riders

  • Dustin Wheeler

    4/8/2008 10:05 AM

    i agree with gnarlife

  • BaumBMX

    3/25/2008 10:24 PM

    HOLY SHIT was that a feeble...haha nice man keep it up get a couple smiths in there

  • patrick clark

    3/21/2008 11:33 PM

    good editing and stuff just maybe if there was some better riding it would be a even better video

  • gnarlife

    3/21/2008 8:30 PM

    o god
    dont even put these shity videos up here
    i was doing that when i was 10
    cumon now

  • fitflowstreet

    3/21/2008 10:35 AM

    keep it up

  • easymoney66

    3/21/2008 8:28 AM

    ride by the vines

  • bmxchris256

    3/21/2008 8:02 AM

    whats the name of the song?