Summer '09 - 7 year old bmxer 5

G-Bone finally got the '18 Hoffman built up that he won here on Vital -'18 Hoffman giveaway- Got some new footage of him on it.

Credit: Amber Verduzco
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  • shink

    1/11/2010 11:26 AM

    WOW! i am speachless. that kid is awesome!

  • joedirt

    9/23/2009 6:14 PM

    the kid rips! lmao @ him on the 20"

  • OmgitsRyanC

    9/18/2009 1:23 PM

    right on! hes already a little shredder. shit i think hes better than 40% of the vids i watch on here as it is. smooth. i forgot how small he actually was until i saw him on the 20" anyways... keep on keepin on.

  • G-Bone

    9/16/2009 8:35 PM

    Thank you..From Gabes mom-We don't have a lot and we appreciate everyone who helps us out.He loves to ride and we as his parents can't afford the best of the best.This is the nicest bike he has ever had.Took us a year to get all the parts.

  • PAparkRAT

    9/16/2009 6:34 PM

    Before anyone shit-talks, i promise he will be better than u by age 13.