Summer preview. 10

Summer has just started and we have 2 in a half months to improve.

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  • eastern122

    6/13/2010 9:16 PM


  • eastern122

    6/13/2010 9:16 PM

    yea i must if mistaken your deff the cleanest rider oh and your filing is off the hook...soo clean!

  • wethepeople1414

    6/13/2010 6:09 PM

    get that first song off it sucked i hate lil wayne hes so gay

  • datkid_bmx

    6/12/2010 10:49 PM

    there ya go Bryan!!!
    Keep Riding Bro!!

  • Bryanridesbikes123

    6/12/2010 9:13 PM

    Alright. Nickkoeberle? Dude stop talking shit. Its bikers like you that dont get respect and dont even deserve it. It doesnt matter how good you are, or how bad you are when it comes to BMX. All that matters is that you love riding your bike and dont care what people think or say. We dont suck. The video might, but we dont. It takes skill to learn manuals, to learn how to grind, or 180, or nose manual, or even bunnyhop. I dont even know how good you are, but i dont care. Because dont lie, you even had trouble when you started bmxing. You probably had trouble bunnyhopping or learning virt, every biker/probiker had trouble when they started. They gradually improved and now their pro. They dont go around telling kids or people 5 years younger then them telling them they suck because they know they were like them. So go ahead say we suck, call us names. None of it is going to stop us from biking or continue to bike because we love to do it no matter how bad we are, and we know we arent bad and we know we arent the best. We do it for fun. Only thing alot of bikers hate are people like you. Your such a badass for talking shit online to someone you dont even know. Grow up. Hopefully you arent like that in person because youd have no respect. I dont give a shit for how good you are on a bike. i could care less. I dont even say that to people who are worse then me in this town. So run your mouth, do whatever. With that attitude of yours your gonna get no where, not even in BMX. cause half the pros would think your a fag if you say all that shit. Now im done here,

  • bearsumner

    6/12/2010 7:26 PM

    indian giver

  • bermybmxer

    6/12/2010 7:08 PM

    yeah nickoeberle becuase your such a pro. shut the fuck up
    i enjoyed it, nice effort, sweet nose mannys
    work on your filming though and it will come out way better

  • shamu121

    6/12/2010 4:06 PM

    indian giver

  • piggy7

    6/12/2010 12:51 PM

    Go Home!!!

  • Brokenbmx

    6/12/2010 11:16 AM

    at 1:21 he rotates to the left and reverts back out to the left thats odd as fuckk.

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