TJD Whammo Indoor edit 33

feat. chris childs. stevie churchill, danny pascasio, craig passero, jeff dupaul, and a few others.

i bet you've never heard this music in a video.

exclusive track from danny pascasio

Credit: Jeff DuPaul

HHBMX HHBMX 12/29/2009 11:08 PM

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hahahahthat was mad. the nathan williams and chase hawk thing was funny and wtf that dude can like 720 flat thats hectic

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song annoyed me so much but after muting it i enjoyed the sick riding, what came off his bike when he did the 720 on the wedge?

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i didnt like the music but im not gonna be an asshole about it im just more of a rock/metal kinda guy the video was sick man the 7 on the wedge was nice good job guys

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