Tailwhips 7

decent, better then i learned them before


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  • lancebmxer

    9/20/2009 4:15 PM

    alright cool thankss for the tips but i practice mine on the ground can you land them like that?


    9/20/2009 6:59 AM

    lancer: it took me 2 months to land my first one, but tips

    - if you can tailwhip on a scooter, then use the same motion of keeping your scooter in front of you with your arms and do that for ur bike
    - the faster you swing it around the easier it will be to land.
    - the kick is a part of it, but dont over do it
    - go faster- go outside ur comfort zone
    - once u swing it around , at least for me, i try to get on the pedals, but its like a natural instinct for my body to get on the pedals, so just keep trying

    thanks bro, yeah its outta a bank its a lot more arm swing, but yeah people say its easier out of quarters...ill go try that

  • wadesbmx69

    9/18/2009 10:35 PM

    thats pretty sick man are u whippin out of a bank? if u are try them out of quarters its so much easier

  • lancebmxer

    9/16/2009 8:48 PM

    yo how do you pick up your knees on the tailwhips?? i can get the bike to stay under me but i always land beside it and it's because i cant pickup my knees like you do any hints?


    9/16/2009 5:54 PM

    sure dude.

  • aaronrossfan555

    9/15/2009 1:43 PM

    u still want that sponcer


    9/14/2009 5:38 PM

    dedicated to abod!

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