Trails: Christian Peper 12

This is a video from the 801 Trails that I compiled of riding from yesterday and today

Credit: Dpep/Bpep/Cpep
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  • matbmx134

    4/2/2010 2:11 AM


  • keane_str_2112

    1/6/2010 6:55 PM

    That was really good!

  • Mikegeezy

    1/5/2010 8:58 PM

    Thooose look like SO MUCH FUN@!!@#$34 haha too bad i dont live in utah

  • Crazy Kid

    10/24/2009 12:02 PM

    Great trails man!!!! id kill my self on them! nice bike to! what is it?

  • Bmxwill23

    10/21/2009 2:53 PM

    damn man... does this guy race bmx or what? suppper smooth

  • gtonkins

    10/16/2009 6:54 AM

    That tuck no hander at the end was sick!!

  • ericminnick10

    9/16/2009 7:44 PM

    dood the trails look dialed

    i wanna ride them

  • fmf bmx

    9/13/2009 4:58 PM

    the best one u ever made

  • Kade Bunker

    9/13/2009 12:21 PM

    christian u dirt slut ive never seen u bail i jus realized

  • bmxchris256

    9/13/2009 11:46 AM

    thoes trails look fun...i cant ride trails for another week or 2 its been raining non stop for the last 2 days my trails are probably gone lol

  • naters14

    9/12/2009 9:08 PM

    Dude better and better every time absolutly amazing.

    Now that I have my complete custom bike I will be needing ur address again!

  • mattridesafbm

    9/12/2009 8:54 PM

    way good christian. keep shredin