Coffee Glee BMX - Leonardo Phellipe 2012

On a walk in 45 of Curitiba, Brazil, rider Leonardo Phellipe for 1 year and 11 months sake tore the knee ligament in a nose whip, and turning the heads tipped inback and resulted in a hyperextension, it did not I stop walk, kept walking 1 year and 5 months with a knee injury, the development was stopped as a consequence of the two diss knee meniscus and a fracture of the tibia in the head, leaving more to spend, I was gone for surgery, 50 sessions of physiotherapy and 3 more months ofacademia, I returned to active day 19/01/2012 completed 6 months of surgery, I was not wasting time, let's go shooting, with three weeks of filming took to complete thisvideo, and leave a beautiful thing for practitioners BMX Brazilian, if you hurt his knee, to see that there is always hope, and to see that evolution does not stop, twomaneuvers were learned during filming, and Wader Can Jam Jam, with muchstrength and faith in God I overcame my faith is increasing daily. See filmed by mybrother most of the images can seehim sitting at the ta-scale filming and editing done by me hope you enjoy very . If able to disclose who want to support or sponsor, the provision,there will not be disappointed.

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