Verde BMX in Romania

Martyn Tambling decided to take the Verde team to sunny Romania in search of unique spots that were logged in his memory from his travels around Eastern Europe 8 years previous. We were lucky enough to have Brian Yeagle meet us out there and as he had arrived in Bucharest a few days prior to us he had already scoped out some awesome bowls and interesting street spots. Although our first day was spent discovering Bucharest on foot after our bikes never made to Romania till 36 hours after we did!
During the day’s we cruised the city on our bikes in search of spots we had researched on the internet and google earth, meeting interesting and friendly locals and avoiding stray dogs. This proved fruitful and we discovered a abandoned velodrome, reservoirs and more, as with most trips the best spots were often discovered by accident and usually stumbled upon!

Credit: Verde Bikes
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