WC Skatepark 12

Just riding for fun...been riding for about 8 months now

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  • pedroB12

    6/20/2008 4:09 PM

    in the next 2 months ure bag of tricks will explode

  • hair

    6/20/2008 3:06 PM

    nice sum decent ridin 4 8 months jus need a lil more style but still 4 8 months pretty awsum keep it up.

  • peoplethewe

    6/20/2008 12:54 PM

    your good for 8 months! ive been riding for a year and a half and im better than you but you will learn really fast, id like to see some airs on the bowl! keep it up

  • bmxride479

    6/20/2008 8:09 AM

    ur good dude

  • hockeypimp360

    6/20/2008 7:22 AM

    yeah i been riding almost the same and there is no way i would be able to do some of that stuff.

  • harobiker720

    6/20/2008 7:10 AM

    bullshit 8 moths id say at least 1 year

  • goridebrakeless

    6/20/2008 6:54 AM

    firin out 180s, luc-es and disasters for 8 months that sweet

  • passionbmx

    6/20/2008 3:48 AM

    ur good for 8 months man swet vid

  • hickey138

    6/19/2008 9:18 PM

    rad brah !!!

  • bmxride479

    6/19/2008 9:06 PM

    *put IT on a video*

  • bmxride479

    6/19/2008 9:05 PM

    dude i love that song. i was gonna put on a video wen i made one. hahaha. and in case any1 asks wat this song is after me, its called "she moves in her own way" by the kooks

  • FitAM

    6/19/2008 9:00 PM


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