Weekend at Woodward 16

riding woodward for the weekend

Credit: Brandon Davis
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  • tadpole50

    4/13/2009 12:54 PM

    woodwards nice......................to bad you suck at biking

  • colinb16a

    9/27/2008 9:51 PM

    this is the perfect example on how woodward and foam pits take out the basic fundimentals of bmx that would benifit you in the long run.
    no effence to you your doing it the way you want but you are throwing supermans and no doubt you probly are doing our trying your hardest to be able to whip like everry other kid but when you ride you are way to stiff and unawear of what your bike is doing you could barely feeble that hubba you should go to some parking lot with so curbs and just do manuels and fufs and abub's and get the basic fundimentals of riding before you get hurt our something oh wait never mind im sure you wouldn't show it but im almost possitive that you spent more time in the foam and on the ressy then actually enjoying all of what woodward really has to offer a rider.
    and this go's to all the other foam bunny's learn the basics

  • bmxBD

    9/26/2008 2:33 PM


  • jordanbmxbmx

    9/26/2008 1:30 PM

    oh ya shit ... forgot bout that.. good vid man

  • bmxBD

    9/26/2008 12:45 PM

    yeah, n u let me borrow ur tools when i missed the railhaha

  • jordanbmxbmx

    9/26/2008 7:19 AM

    was this last weekend at the race? i think i saw you there .... was your dad filming that icepick line at the rock? ... i was the OSI at the rock

  • FITrider21

    9/25/2008 6:29 PM

    the end was pretty tight tough

  • FITrider21

    9/25/2008 6:28 PM

    no offence or anything but ur supermans suck

  • beno

    9/25/2008 2:32 PM

    man i wanna go to woodward so bad! what song?

  • bikerider2k8

    9/25/2008 2:20 PM

    woodward lokks so nice trails and park i wanna ride there so much!

  • bmxBD

    9/25/2008 12:34 PM


  • bmx1slife

    9/25/2008 11:21 AM

    nice.i went to woodward its great.how old r u?

  • bmxchris256

    9/25/2008 8:20 AM

    awsome edit

  • pedalpower

    9/25/2008 7:52 AM

    i wanna go woodward

  • stefan is FIT

    9/24/2008 8:33 PM

    was that a nothing at the ned?

  • macky

    9/24/2008 7:57 PM

    Pretty Good vid!! : )
    Woodward looks Amazing!!

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