Whats wrong with my back wheel? 6

i cant be bothered going shop and i thought id ask u guys, im also new to the site and bmx its a 1 year old bike

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  • TwoBrakeTony

    11/25/2011 12:57 PM

    Take it to a bike shop to tighten it! If you couldn't determine that the hub was loose from the wiggle, that you had to post a video to ask whats wrong, then you definitely have a possibility to mess up the hub worse if you tighten it!

  • Rhycebmx

    11/25/2011 4:42 AM

    you gota tighten the kones dude

  • pason.reed

    11/24/2011 7:52 PM

    tighten the bearings if it dont work bearings cost 25 bucks

  • eastcoastrider

    11/24/2011 7:43 PM

    yeah u gotta tighten the hub, or the bearings are shot

  • the robert

    11/24/2011 6:17 PM

    and its a eastern back wheel .fyi most eastern parts suck , especillly the wheels

  • Oakleybmx

    11/24/2011 5:34 PM

    if its unsealed u gota tightin it if its sealed maby sumthing with the axel