Wiktor Skibinski - Polish Street Destroyer 1

This guy is INSANE. Every clip in this is insane. From insane technical combos to burly rail moves, Wiktor delivers on all levels. The banger will definitely leave your head spinning.

This video impressed me so much that I felt incredibly guilty about not knowing more about Wiktor. I reached out to learn a bit more about this video, his BMX roots, the current state of Poland, and much more. Check it!

Wiktor - your new WeThePeople video is incredible. How long did you film for this?

Thanks so much for the kind words, Kyle. I appreciate it a lot. I started filming in May when the COVID lockdown situation started to settle down a bit here. The first clip I managed to film was that truck to manual combo, but then I had some final exams because I was graduating high school this year, so I had to study a lot. I got back to filming in July and filmed the last clip in the middle of October.

Is everything filmed in Poland?

Yup. Everything except two clips which were filmed in Berlin.

Where exactly in Poland are you from and what is the scene like there?

I was born in Warsaw but I live kind of on the outskirts of the city. It takes me fifteen minutes by car to get to the nearest metro station, where I usually park my car and meet up with my friends to film or just ride. I’d say the scene is very small in Warsaw compared to other cities in Poland. Sometimes I can hardly find anyone to ride with because my BMX friends live on different ends of the city. What often happens is that either they or I are too lazy to take the bus or whatever to meet up in one place.

You have an incredibly diverse skillset and a ton of bike control. Did you grow up mostly riding street?

Thanks. Well, I grew up riding skateparks mostly, but I always looked up to street riders, I watched their video parts and wanted to film my own, so as soon as I learned some tricks, I searched for street spots where I could film them.

How long have you been riding for?

I have been riding for over eight years now.

How did you end up riding for WeThePeople?

Well, it’s a long story. At the end of 2018, I quit riding for my local BMX shop and made a transfer to a different shop in Poland. The plan was to make a short welcome video, but as I started filming more and more clips that I was hyped on, we decided to keep filming and the result was a welcome video which made it to the Our Bmx YouTube and got like 40k views. After that, a friend of mine who got on Cult after sending them his video talked me into doing the same thing. So, I hit up WTP on Instagram and - funny thing is - they said they had shown my video to the entire WTP team earlier and everyone liked my riding and that they actually would want me to be a part of their team.


What clip took you the longest to get in the new video?

Ummm... Probably that manual 180 fakie manual to whip.

What’s your favorite clip in the video?

Well, I think I just can’t pick one. I really wanted to get that kink rail ice hard 180, so I was really hyped on landing that one. Also, that long line with feeble up manual bar Smith manual feeble hard 360 is one of my favorites.

Your final clip is insane - and you nailed it perfectly. How many tries did it take?

Thanks. Well, I warmed up with a few backwards double peg to fullcabs and cab bars and then my friends got me hyped up and I just sent it. I crashed twice and landed the third one.

Between protests and the COVID situation, Poland seems pretty crazy right now. Are you experiencing the craziness first-hand? How is it?

Man, Poland is and always was a crazy place. The main thing is that our country is run by a bunch of dummies. This year, our president got re-elected with only a two percent advantage over the other candidate, so that made a lot of people angry because we were really hoping for a change. And, right know, well, it is what it is. Thousands of people are out in the streets protesting while daily there are over 20,000 new cases of COVID. I’m a college student now and, since all the classes are online, I rarely go to the city, so I only get to see this stuff on TV, but it really is overwhelming.

I assume it’s about to get pretty cold there. Are you able to ride throughout the winter?

Yeah, winter is definitely getting close here. I assume I’ll ride an indoor skatepark as much as I can - if they don't close it down for a lockdown or something - but, for now, I’m trying to make the most of every sunny day. Haha!

I’m sure it feels great to have this video project released. Have you thought about your next one yet? If so, what’s it going to be?

Yeah - it feels good for sure because, with all the COVID stuff at the beginning of the year, I thought making a new part wouldn't be possible. I want to make another video, definitely. For now, I’m not sure whether it’ll be a VX one or maybe an HD, if I can afford a new camera. Haha!

Any big plans for the future?

Having fun and making video parts!

Credit: WeThePeople
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