William Woodford 16

all this was recorded in one day at transitions just messing around. a full video is in the process of being made

Credit: justin bayliss
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willridesbmx's videos

  • willbmx4food

    9/17/2008 6:19 PM

    heres a tip tho: get a mono pod for the camera... it allows stability, but is more agile than a tripod.

  • bikerider2k8

    9/17/2008 1:44 PM

    flairs are mint

  • bikerider2k8

    9/17/2008 1:40 PM

    awsome bro your amazing

  • willridesbmx

    9/17/2008 11:37 AM

    yea it is a little jaggidy and small but its a fun little park. its my local park but from learning to ride here i ride so much better when i ride smoother ramps

  • davo8818

    9/17/2008 2:53 AM

    nice rding bro!. the park doesnt look that smooth, looks bit jaggidy

  • fitflow

    9/17/2008 2:51 AM

    love the flair on the wedge

  • jessejfbmx09

    9/17/2008 2:33 AM

    what's the song?

  • jessejfbmx09

    9/17/2008 2:30 AM

    dude you have so much control with your whips... very nice flairs too

  • willridesbmx

    9/16/2008 7:56 PM

    doesnt anyone like my flair on the top of that wedge? lol i only learned that to try and get this kid to learn them and he still wouldnt try them

  • bmxchris256

    9/16/2008 5:52 PM

    awsome riding

  • bmxBD

    9/16/2008 4:03 PM

    sick riding

  • harobiker720

    9/16/2008 4:03 PM


  • bmxBD

    9/16/2008 4:01 PM

    u stole my song! haha

  • beno

    9/16/2008 2:52 PM

    can't wait for the video

  • Maximilus

    9/16/2008 1:58 PM


  • pedroB12

    9/16/2008 1:21 PM

    this is a sick video well done m8