Winter Mix 5

a couple summer things.

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  • we_ride_dirt

    2/7/2009 11:41 AM

    f*cking snow
    still nice vid

  • Ridingismylifex1

    2/4/2009 7:29 AM

    Hey james how about you quit being a hater and go to arizona where you will never see any of us bmx riders that all hate you again.

  • alex08

    2/3/2009 6:37 PM

    hahhaha those arent barspins:D there busdrivershahhahahhahaahhaha
    sweett. as fuckk

  • Only~A~Sunday

    2/3/2009 3:23 PM

    haha freecoaster must be blind. hands have to come off for a barspin to ACTUALLY be a barspin

  • freecoaster bmx

    2/3/2009 1:12 PM

    smooth riding and cool park. like those BS