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WeThePeopleLee's videos

  • C138x104

  • SHePP iZ SicK

    4/16/2008 2:18 PM

    Yeh its about having fun bro Ridin bmx shows you alot of things. you meet new people new places and have fun when you get a big group of riders. I dont like people who tell other people they suck..its not about being Dave Mirra

  • BandAid

    4/14/2008 8:06 PM

    All that matters is that the kid is having fun on his bike. So what if he can't throw a turndown like every other kid in the world its not all about throwing big tricks. Its supposed to be about having fun.

  • PAparkRAT

    4/12/2008 5:28 PM

    I have seen worse...why all the fuss?

  • bmxfreak1811

    4/12/2008 7:11 AM

    omg people need 2 stop puttin vid.s on that r like 30 sec

  • WeThePeopleLee

    4/12/2008 4:57 AM

    So Sad Bruv

  • Bike69

    4/11/2008 7:51 PM

    fuck you tmoney151

  • Shaw31692

    4/11/2008 6:48 PM

    nice flow

  • tmoney151

    4/11/2008 4:35 PM

    yea if you guys make fun of this kid for having fun on his bike then maybe you should stop riding bikes

  • demolitionbiz81

    4/11/2008 3:43 PM

    it doesn't matter if he does tricks, its all about having fun on your bike

  • harobiker720

    4/11/2008 2:44 PM

    sick dude.................NOT

  • g-rett

    4/11/2008 9:05 AM

    dude that trick at 0:17 was soo sick....just kidding....looks like u need to ride more

  • Bike69

    4/11/2008 7:50 AM

    dude....my little bro can do that shit and hes only 6

  • millerky

    4/11/2008 5:25 AM

    wow u didnt even do anything