autumn falls upon us 1

Autumn. The nature is basked in the array of different colours and it's beautiful, yet still makes you think as to what is coming next - less time spending outside and having fun. The indoor skatepark season has sort of hit us, but for some it's hard to sync in (for myself anyways) and still hoping to get a few bright and sunny days to go outside.

I have decided to introduce a different type of feel to a video by showing a bit of grace and that these are indeed the last of the very few days when we can film some riding outside.

It's already October... Rain, rain and more rain is filling the days. Yet last Saturday, 6th October, there was a contest in the newly built outdoor skatepark in Saue. The day before it was pissing down and we thought that it would be cancelled, but we were wrong and mother nature gave us the opportunity to have fun.

As soon as I woke up, I went to pick Eki and Anar, and we headed out to Saue for the contest. The sun was shining almost all the way. A small rainy cloud passed us through, but nothing big.

Eki got a well-deserved 1st place. He pulled out a flair to fakie over the hip and a flip over the hip, which was actually the first time he has done it and looked like he has been doing them for a long time. Taavi and Talis did good as well.

The best trick part on the volcano was fun to watch. Eki and Taavi battled one another, throwing big tricks and combos.

What a good day to chill with my friends and film some riding. Hope you will enjoy this.
Credit: Dmitri "demz" Shushuyev
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