bowl in a silo 8

Lots of cinder blocks piled up with a ton of masonite layered overtop of it. no flat bottom ... funnest thing ever. Edit comin soon

Credit: Craig Jacques
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  • goridebrakeless

    6/28/2008 11:11 AM


  • jordanbmxbmx

    8/12/2007 8:04 AM

    This is a silo that has been abandoned for way more than 100 yrs its in the middle of 99acres "for sale" it was a bitch carrying everything across the field at night so we wouldnt be seen. turned out super good though hard to ride but awesome

  • shanksy

    8/10/2007 9:45 AM

    p.s where the hell r u!!!!

  • shanksy

    8/10/2007 9:45 AM

    i live in england and i am 14 years old i hope to move to america in the near future. great riding by the way.

  • anti scooter kid

    7/29/2007 9:18 AM

    very cool spot

  • Killer_dsm

    7/28/2007 9:14 PM

    Were in the hell were you? But none the less that was Cool as hell

  • pigpen123

    7/26/2007 4:44 PM

    thats a very good spot and better then the dew tour

  • volumeflatline04

    7/21/2007 11:05 AM

    thats awesome

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