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mik3y the noob's videos

  • Matt Smith

    10/5/2008 10:40 AM

    i agree just keep practicing and try to hop up new stuff

  • ginobmx1

    9/29/2008 12:08 AM

    keep practicing
    like tibug said
    also try stuff your unsure about but not to big,
    like hop up a small 2 set.
    if you can hop a person you can hop a 2 set

  • jessejfbmx09

    9/28/2008 11:32 PM

    press the bunny-hop button

  • ridebmx27

    9/28/2008 2:00 PM

    dont j-hop stuff you know you can do,
    try things you dont think you can do. more so j-hop on to ledges opposed to over rails or something like that.

    or make a highjump.
    becuase its something only you can really teach yourself with practice.

  • beno

    9/28/2008 1:34 PM

    well thats a good way to put it (tibug)

  • tibug

    9/28/2008 12:02 PM

    1. Weight back...as if you're doing a manual
    2. Pull up with your arms and push down with your legs to lift the front up (see, the bike is like a lever)
    3. The back wheel won't come up much (if at all) farther than the front wheel does, so focus on getting the front wheel up for a little bit, then the next step is getting the rear wheel up.
    4. Push the bars forward and tuck your legs up to unweight the pedals...this levels out the bike.
    5. Land.

  • fiitrider

    9/28/2008 11:48 AM


  • stefan is FIT

    9/28/2008 11:25 AM

    pull up harder and suck the bike in with your legs. just practice

  • mik3y the noob

    9/28/2008 11:10 AM