clipped in rockin the skatepark 10


Credit: DAD
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  • joelikesbmx

    4/18/2008 3:07 PM

    get a new camera and new frame.

  • harobmx777

    4/1/2008 10:52 AM

    it was ok quality sux!!!

  • JSFER2

    3/30/2008 5:57 PM

    U need a new camera

  • harobiker720

    3/30/2008 11:13 AM

    lose the wraping paper

  • tayalor

    3/29/2008 11:36 PM

    THAT IS AT DRAPER.. huh.. i was just there today for my first time.. it was SICK.. i love that hip.. its SO Bomb..

  • ride the flow

    3/29/2008 8:36 PM

    it looks like he painted a mufler and managed to squeez his top tube into it

  • rafa182

    3/29/2008 4:55 PM

    WTF is wrong with ur bike???????'

  • stak33

    3/29/2008 4:43 PM

    wy tha hell ave u got a checkerd thing rapped around the frame

  • ReveL EOC

    3/29/2008 4:18 PM

    pretty damn dope

  • bmx_lover!!

    3/29/2008 2:01 PM

    looks like you filmed that with a cell phone